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A life long equestrian with over 35 years experience, Katie Hoke leads our equestrian focused studio putting the horse first

With an emphasis on natural light, ventilation and a deep understanding of the psychology of the horse, we design horse stables and riding arenas to benefit both the horse and rider. Our approach to equestrian architecture in Kansas City is always thinking about the intersection of human and equine functionality.

As a specialty equestrian facility architect in Kansas City, we consider the needs of people and horses equally. Keeping the unique needs of both users in mind allow us to create beautiful and functional horse stables and riding arenas for both the horse and rider to thrive.


Equestrian Architecture Services


Master Planning
Feasibility Studies
Land-Use Planning
Building Design
Landscape Design
Speculative Design

Full Service Design

We offer full design services for equestrian architecture in Kansas City, from initial master planning to architectural design and interior design of the stables and residences.

Hoke Ley approaches equestrian design with the same process we use on commercial architecture.  We begin the process with code and zoning research along with any environmental concerns. We then develop a master plan for the property and begin to define all the elements that create an horse facility. As we move into more detail, the architecture and interiors are developed based around the needs of both the human and the horse.

Our collaborative process offers a high level of engagement with our clients creating both an enjoyable process and beautiful project.



Equestrian Projects

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Seattle, WA


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