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Taking your vision and lifestyle further through conscientious design provided by a local architect in Kansas City.

Hoke Ley, a trusted architect in Kansas City, delivers amazing service and designs stunning, personalized, functional spaces.

Hoke Ley is your partner throughout the project process with a client-first mentality and well-honed approach. We achieve your goals while identifying opportunities to make the most of your space to meet and exceed your expectations.

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While we are a premier local architect in Kansas City, our work is acclaimed by clients across the United States as well. Hoke Ley’s architects and team members combine years of experience in a range of projects while working with different styles of architecture, project scales, and budgets. Hoke Ley’s modern style, meticulous attention to details, and collaborative process make us unique.

From preliminary concepts to the final product, we deliver a range of expertise to help you through it all. Hoke Ley’s premier team of architects in Kansas City are there for you, whether you’re choosing land to build on, deciding between rebuilding or remodeling, or anything in between.

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Our Values

Thoughtful Approach

We takes the full picture into consideration, with strategy and plans based on your needs and functions of the space.

Functional Design

The best architecture marries beauty with function—we don’t compromise either one.

Streamlined Process

You’re in the hands of experts with a straightforward process for complex projects.

Our Process


Architecture Capabilities

Master Planning
Feasibility Studies
Land-Use Planning
Building Design
Landscape Design
Speculative Design


Architect Consultation

Before diving into the design, our local architects in Kansas City go through all the needs of your specific project to identify everything needed for a smooth process. We’ll meet with you for a discovery consultation, where we’ll discuss your goals and any constraints, and we’ll also look for opportunities together. Our team addresses high-level questions during this time, like commercial feasibility, home remodels or additions, office space design, or restaurant layout.

Project feasibility consultations offered at an hourly rate

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Rooted in Kansas City.

Since 2016, we’ve taken pride in being part of the diverse Kansas City community. Hoke Ley chose to open our doors as an architect in Kansas City to take part in what makes this community special: caring, creative people.

Our Location

Hoke Ley is located in the Plexpod at 1712 Main Street #37, Kansas City, MO 64108

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