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Architecture and Interior Design Studio in Kansas City

We strive to enhance the daily lives of our users through the design of inspiring, innovative and meaningful spaces.

Hoke Ley is a design studio in Kansas City, Kansas offering architecture, interior design and graphic design services to residential and commercial clients.

We believe that design has the power to transform lives. This is why we are passionate about creating design solutions that improve the built environment and have an enduring impact on those that interact with them. At Hoke Ley, we create beautiful spaces for individuals to enjoy, design enriching environments to enhance communities, and transform the dreams of our clients into built realities.

Single-Family Residential

Sunset Residence

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Equestrian Design

Modern Equestrian Farm

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State Nebraska Bank Campus Branch

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Interior Design, Single-Family Residential

Lakeshore Residence

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Real Estate Firm

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Single-Family Residential

Mid-Century Modern House

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Our portfolio includes affordable, market-rate, and high-end custom single family residences, residential remodels, retail and commercial spaces, multifamily residences, and mixed-use developments.

Additionally, we specialize in the master planning and design of equestrian estates and facilities. Well-versed in working with clients both locally and remotely, our practice extends from the Midwest to the West Coast and beyond.


Several years ago Jared worked for the architect who designed our house.  Jared was an integral and invaluable part of the design "team" and, ultimately, indispensable during the construction phase.

The design and construction process can be stressful, but clients of Jared's will find him to be a good-natured guide with a sense of humor.  He is thoughtful and conscientious but, more importantly, responds well to problems (and disasters) in an even-tempered manner... all essential in the design/construction process.  He was unfailingly gracious when we needed to make significant changes to the plan that we felt were necessary.

Jared went out of his way to research options for us for everything from fireplaces and plumbing fixtures to windows and siding.  He accompanied us to two window manufacturers' showrooms to help with questions and get us started.  Later, he had suggestions on brands and styles of plumbing fixtures, as well as advice on what to consider when selecting a daunting array of other essential products for our house.

In short, it would have been an indescribably difficult process without Jared on our team.

Bob and Ann Stier

Clients, Urban Hillside Residence

Katie and the team at Hoke Ley are fantastic.

We hired (Hoke Ley) to help with interior design decisions related to renovating a kitchen, bathroom, and adding new furniture and light fixtures throughout the home. We both brought our ideas to the table and ended up with solid final decisions that incorporated some of my ideas and some of theirs. (Katie) was able to point out important pieces that I would have never thought of on my own. I'd highly recommend working with Hoke Ley.

Kim Nicholson

Client, West Seattle Home

I have had the great fortune to work the Hoke-Ley Architects for the last 8 years on a variety of projects.

I have had the great fortune to work the Hoke-Ley Architects for the last 8 years on a variety of projects. Everything from outdoor kitchens to complete estate remodels and remote spec development projects. Aside from their natural talent at their craft (both interior design and architecture), they are professional, creative, thoughtful, engaging, and responsive. We often work remotely from each other (and the project), but you would never know it, they work with me like my office is right down the hall. Their sense of integrity and trust is rare in this industry which makes it all the more pleasurable to collaborate with Katie, Jared, Roy and staff.

Laura Kleppe

Owner, Gardenworkz Designs

There was no arrogance or talking over me like I've experienced with other designers - just pro-active, degistible guidance that resulted in our dream house.

I'm a numbers person that appreciates quality design but struggles to articulate what's in my head. That's why I could not be more happy with Hoke Ley - not only did they respect our budget (i.e., the numbers side of my brain) but they were able to take our thoughts and convert them into reality.

Dan Nicholson

Client, Nth Degree CPAs

I was very impressed with the professionalism of all staff and the principals in this firm, who provided prompt and detailed feedback and helpful insights.

I had the good fortune to work with the firm of Hoke Ley during 2019-2020 on a large scale rebuild of my residence. The firm came in at my request to improve a design for a large residence in Manhasset, NY...I was so happy with their hands on approach and detailed comments to improve the design provided by my local architect, I hired them to continue working on the project in conjunction with my local team as well as to interact with the architecture review board in my town...I was also very involved with the design details and they handled all of my input with care and concern and patience. No question was left unanswered and they did not hesitate to accommodate my making very specific requests such as researching how to obtain phantom screens in my screened in porch.

I would not hesitate to hire Hoke Ley for any project and I was very happy with every aspect of their services and work product.

Laurie Kramer

Client, unbuilt residential project

Outgrowing a home can be a really beautiful thing. However, trying to figure out whether to remodel or build new can be a headache. ⁠

Let us answer some questions for you in our latest blog. ⁠

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Chatuaqua Residence: An Intimate Warmth. ⁠

Take a look at this alluring home which utilizes the hilly landscape of the Pacific Palisades to create an intimate connection between the interior and outdoors. This custom single-family residence is both spacious and luxurious that still feels intimate and warm. This is yet another of our favorite styles. ⁠⁠

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Eastside Residence: A Dynamic View. ⁠

Take a look at this beautiful home, built in Clyde Hill, WA overlooking the land and special sunsets! This one of a kind single-family home utilizes a balance of sleek and textured materials to connect the interior to the intentional views displayed around the house. ⁠⁠

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Looking for pre-designed floor plans for your home? ⁠
Our Porch Light Plans are customizable and factory ready! ⁠

Learn more about these sustainable plan options, all thoughtfully designed with Passive House and Net Zero standards.⁠⁠

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The Cliff House: A Modern Oasis. ⁠

Check out this stunning home, effortlessly built into a cliff in the Pacific Palisades overlooking the Pacific Ocean! This custom single-family home combines sleek, elegant lines with the warmth of natural light and breathtaking views. This is just one of our favorite styles. ⁠⁠

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You would never be able to tell from the outside that this lovely, modern farmhouse was built with sustainability at the forefront of design. And yet, here it is, Electric Vehicle-ready 🚗 That's Hoke Ley for you. ⁠

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Come on, we know you've got that dream project you've just been dying to get started on! From beach houses to new office buildings, we are your number one choice for sustainable, human-centered architecture. Take the leap today--contact us to see how we can get your project from a dream to a reality. ⁠

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We truly believe what makes us so good at what we do is our capacity to create flowing interior spaces. We spend 90% of our time indoors, so our interior design is just as important as the exterior design. Check out one of the beautiful spaces we've curated!⁠

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