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Making Yourself at Home With Custom Residential Architecture Services in Kansas City

by Hoke Ley

How do we build something that reflects us at our core? How can we create spaces of meaning and importance while also caring about the environment? And what architecture firm is suited for this sort of task?

We’re answering these questions everyday at Hoke-Ley, placing incredible importance on the homes we build with the intention of creating timeless and tailored spaces. And we do this through a collaborative spirit with both our team and our clients.

So if you’re looking for an architecture firm to make a space you want to call home, keep reading to learn more about custom residential architecture services in Kansas City. 

Partnering with Hoke Ley for Custom Residential Architecture

Our purpose at Hoke Ley is to be a reliable guide through the design process. From beginning to end we want to listen to your ideas and then bring them to life through our work, especially when it comes to building your ideal home.

To better inform your experience as a homeowner looking for custom residential architecture services in Kansas City, let’s take a look at the services and ideals we prioritize at Hoke Ley and how we can be your guide to building your home.

Collaboration during every step

At Hoke Ley, custom residential architecture begins and ends with collaboration. Working together with our clients, Hoke Ley can bring your vision to fruition, creating a home that is uniquely suited to your needs and values.

Through our decades of experience, we’ve come to find that collaboration is an integral part of the design process, giving our clients the freedom to explore their personal interests. Collaboration also allows us to better understand who our clients are, and this is a cornerstone value at Hoke Ley.

Watch: Principal architect Katie Hoke discusses the residential architectural services we provide to the greater Kansas City area and across the US.

Prioritizing functionality

Along with our commitment to collaboration is our desire to create functional and meaningful spaces. Collaboration and functionality coexist, paving a way for functional design that reflects the priorities and values of our clients.

Functionality can mean different things for different people. For us, it means that we’re preserving elements that make your home unique. We do this by ensuring that everything in the design plays along with the logic of the architecture. Everything about your home ought to make sense and serve you well.

Keeping resale in mind

According to Houzz, over 50% of homeowners participated in some kind of renovation in 2021. A few years prior, remodeling spending pushed beyond $340 billion in the United States. In almost every case, homeowners were motivated by return on investment.

Residential remodeling projects can deliver positive financial returns. But there are significant nuances to this kind of investment; without the proper guidance, homeowners can find themselves with unnecessary expenses and not much to show for it.

Factors to take into consideration when exploring a remodeling project can include the location of the remodeling project, structural changes (or, as we call them, “bones”), and floor planning. And, if necessary, it can also include legal compliance with construction ordinances throughout Kansas City.

With this in mind, we encourage you to collaborate with an architectural and design firm like Hoke Ley. While the idea of creative independence is satisfying, knowing what steps to take is fundamental to this sort of endeavor. Hoke Ley is eager to be your answer, an expert guide to every step of the architectural process.

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The process of custom residential architecture at Hoke Ley

The intricacies of residential architecture require painstaking attention to detail. It’s why Hoke Ley is dedicated to an organized workflow in our project management.

Our process takes place over 5 productivity milestones that both Hoke Ley and our clients will participate in from start to finish:

  1. Conceptual development
  2. Schematic design
  3. Design development
  4. Interior Design
  5. Construction documentation
  6. Construction administration

Each of our productivity milestones also provides certain goals to anticipate, giving our clients a much more positive outlook on the design process as it unfolds over time. 

However, no two projects are going to be the same. Flexibility throughout the design process is a critical factor when certain variables or design requirements are unknown. Hoke Ley’s intention is to be as flexible as possible for the client, offering more freedom to explore a unique build.

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An essential component of residential architecture: Interior Design

If we have given a home a solid foundation, then we want to fill it with an interior design that reflects who our clients are and how they use their new space. Regardless of who walks through the front door, the conclusion should be that this home belongs to the owner.

When it comes to design, we are committed to helping our clients find the root of their desires rather than fitting into predetermined standards that don’t feel authentic. The homes we build are monuments of individual expression, and we want nothing less than this for our clients.

For a taste of our interior design, you can view our 2020 Project, Mid Century Modern Home in Lawrence, Kansas.

Size and Scale

What’s important for us to tackle through the design process is knowing the size of the home we want to build.

In the case of residential architecture, especially in a densely populated city like Kansas City, constraint has the ability to inform what we can accomplish (but there are, of course, different options for rural residential and equestrian architecture).

This may take the form of concerns like: 

  • The location of the land or residential plot 
  • The local environment and risk of ecological hazards
  • Proximity to important venues or services
  • Local zoning ordinances

Though it should go without saying, a proper floor plan is critical to the success of a residential project and is an answer to our most important questions. This is an area where our expertise at Hoke Ley shines bright.



Purpose and sustainability

The work we do at Hoke Ley is a matter of reverence for the artistry required in residential architecture, and we don’t approach this subject lightly. Instead, our aim is to pay our respects to this craft as good stewards of both our clients and the resources available to us.

Our work is most successful when we’ve built what our clients have envisioned and when our impact on the earth is minimal (We are big believers in sustainability in residential architecture).It’s with this in mind that Hoke Ley longs to bring sustainability to the forefront of our each and every project.

For us, sustainability is more than an ideal; it has the capacity to bring real change to our communities and allow citizens to endure evolving conditions with deepened resilience. As we become more aware of the things we consume and produce, it is our hope that conversations about sustainability will no longer be relegated to the periphery.

In this way, we want to leave a legacy that is much more than the homes we’ve built. We want to be known for the way in which we’ve helped our clients to build their lives in a sustainable way that doesn’t come at the expense of future generations.

Commonly asked questions about working with Hoke Ley

What other services does Hoke Ley provide?

 If your residential architecture project has the potential to include more than just a home floor plan, Hoke Ley has the capacity to serve rural communities through our equestrian architecture services.

For a survey of our equestrian services, take a look at our Modern Equestrian Farm project in Mercer Island, Washington.

Hoke Ley’s other services include interior design and graphic design.

What can I expect in a partnership with Hoke Ley?

Hoke Ley is a forerunner of architectural firms in the Kansas City area. With a combined experience of over 50 years, we have the skill sets to walk you through the entire design process and to educate you on the best solutions for your project.

What areas does Hoke Ley serve?

We are a locally and nationally recognized firm. We serve clients right here in the Kansas City area, as well as other cities across the country. This makes us mobile and flexible for any project.

Let’s work together

Regardless of where you find yourself in your architectural journey, Hoke Ley is a competent yet humble collective of architects and designers that are ready and willing to accompany you. From projects both large and small, we’re eager to get to know you and help you navigate the best solutions for your residential architecture project.

To connect with us about your project, or to learn more about the services we provide, please contact us for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.