Midwest Minded Multi-Family Architecture

Multi-Family Residential Architecture in Kansas City

Focused on increasing the density of our urban centers in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Our Architects in Kansas City strive to create structures that are beautiful, functional and enduring.

As a trusted architect in Kansas City, we emphasize natural light, modern lines and open spaces, Our designs create residential spaces with current and future generations in mind.

Whether designing student housing, luxurious townhomes, condos or apartments, we shape each space to have its own identity. Together we can create spaces people will love to call home.

Multi-Family Residential Architecture


Master Planning
Feasibility Studies
Land-Use Planning
Building Design
Landscape Design
Speculative Design

Architecture Consultation

A consultation is ideal for the initial discovery stages of projects, such as home remodels and additions, commercial feasibility, restaurant layout, and office space design.

Project feasibility consultations offered at a flat fee rate

Preliminary meeting with clients to identify and understand the constraints and opportunities of a potential project

Multi-Family Residential Projects

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Private: Fremont Townhomes

Seattle, WA

Private: Queen Anne Multi-Family Residence

Seattle, WA

Private: Interbay Multi-Family Residence

Seattle, WA

University Apartments

Lawrence, KS

Dallas Multi-Family Residence

Dallas, TX


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