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What to Look For in the Best Architects Near You

by Hoke Ley

team of the best architects near me

When choosing an architectural firm to design your project, you’re putting your dream in someone else’s hands. Whether it be an ergonomic workspace, a comfortable and spacious home, or a safe and functional commercial space, the designing of it matters! This is why choosing the best architects near you is such an important task. 

Hoke Ley Architecture & Interior Design is the forerunner of architectural firms in the Kansas City area. With a combined experience of over 50 years, our team understands that compassion and trust are at the core of what we do. 

At Hoke Ley, we strive to be the best architects near you by providing a framework for you to make informed decisions about your project. If you really want to know what to look for in the best architect, keep reading to learn all that our firm offers.  

A dedicated team

Just like the projects we take on with vigor, so too have we crafted our team with meticulous care. 

Katie Hoke, Jared Hoke, and Roy Ley founded Hoke Ley Architecture & Interior Design in 2016. Each member brings a certain expertise and skill so that, combined, we are considered some of the best architects in Kansas City. Take a little time to get to know each team member and the specific qualities they bring to the table.  

Katie Hoke NCIDQ, Owner, Principal

Katie Hoke leads the interior architecture and design studio. She works closely with our architects and designers to create optimal interior environments for both comfort and functionality. 

Ever since she was young, Katie has asked questions about the mechanisms of interior design. How to change the flow of a room, how to increase natural lighting, how to give a space a personality…these are the questions Katie asks on a daily basis! 

As a grown-up, Katie approaches each of her projects with the same innate curiosity and optimistic drive. After receiving a Bachelor of Interior Architecture from KSU in 2003, she went on to study at the Denmark International Studies for furniture design. This is where she met Jared in the first of several serendipitous events bringing Hoke Ley into existence.

Katie’s expert capabilities make it easy for her to guide you through the architectural process with unyielding excitement. No matter the size or scope of your project, Katie takes it on with passion and care.  

Jared Hoke AIA, NCARB, Owner, Principal

As one of the owners and principal architects at Hoke Ley, Jared Hoke holds invaluable expertise on how to create sustainable, highly-detailed, and timelessly beautiful structures. His attention to detail paired with rigorous training makes him an indispensable resource when it comes to your project.

Jared met Katie while he was working in Copenhagen. Jared’s international travels and work experiences have fostered his passion for design, and offered him perspectives of modern and humane design. 

While living and working in Seattle, Jared garnered a deep understanding of human-centered design and cultivated exceptional skill from the nation’s premier design community. He brought that expertise with him when he moved back to the Midwest to establish Hoke Ley.

Roy Ley AIA, LEED AP, Owner, Principal

Roy Ley never stops creating! From the time he was a young boy, he has imagined innovative and interesting spaces, and then goes to work to bring them to life. As a child this looked like interesting and (mostly) functional forts in his parents’ living room, but as an adult it takes on the form of an extensive, 6-year restoration of his home in Lawrence, KS.  

Specializing in commercial and high-end residential projects, Roy brings your dreams to reality with an open mind and a steadfast love for the craft. Roy met Katie and Jared while they all worked and lived in the Pacific Northwest. Their introduction completed the trio that would go on to bring stunning design to the greater Kansas City region!  

A transparent approach to the architectural process

We believe in and foster an environment of trust and transparency at Hoke Ley. This means actively listening to our clients’ needs, and offering solutions we know we can achieve. 

Our process includes 5 phases, and we guide you through each one. Before beginning the process, we sit down for a thorough consultation, during which we discuss your goals for the project, the anticipated scope of work, and our ideals as a firm. 

We clearly outline our architectural fees, pricing structures, contract, and more. This consultation is offered at a flat-rate fee, and if the project seems like a fit for everyone involved, we move forward with the endeavor!

Varied and expert services

Because our backgrounds and expertise vary, we complement each other on the projects we work on. Working with a team who covers so many facets of design makes it that much simpler to bring your project to fruition. 

Instead of running back and forth between multiple firms, with Hoke Ley, you get it all right at your fingertips. 


Whether it be offices, restaurants, museums, or more, we know what it takes to create a highly ergonomic environment. Our portfolio of commercial projects showcases our versatility in understanding the symbiotic relationship between functionality and beauty.  

Single-Family Residential

Our single-family architectural work includes affordable, market-rate, and high-end custom single family residence. We adore creating home spaces because this is where we really get to play. Our projects take on your personality in the design phases, but the core of who you are and what your family needs is ingrained in the most formative work-ups and initial drawings. 

Multi-Family Residential

Apartments, town-homes, and other multi-family residential projects are some of our favorites to work on. They require a big-picture outlook while also insisting on a deep understanding of functional flow, space-saving layout design, and aesthetics. These projects challenge our capabilities as creators, builders, and designers in the best way possible!

Equestrian Design

Katie Hoke is no stranger to equestrian life. With over 30 years of equestrian experience, Katie is uniquely qualified to design safe and beautiful environments for your horses. If you’re lucky enough to work with Katie on an equestrian project, be prepared to go riding, or at the very least, look through a camera roll’s worth of horsey pictures! 🐴

Interior design

We truly believe what makes us some of the best architects near you is our capacity to create flowing, intuitive interior spaces that directly correspond with and complement the exterior. We spend 90% of our time indoors, so our interior design is equally if not more important than external design.

For us, it is second nature to design the exterior with the interior in mind, and vice versa. Your space shouldn’t be a hodge-podge of ideas from multiple professionals. It should be a cohesive and intuitive solution to your needs. 

Graphic Design

Branding is an integral part of our services. At Hoke Ley, we understand that better than most. We take graphic design so seriously because we know how hard it is to encapsulate your story, your people, and your love for the work into one or a few images. 

That’s why we actively listen to our clients and offer them multiple design options to choose from. We want to know your story inside and out so we can create a logo or branding resource that is precisely you. 

A gorgeous portfolio

We believe deeply in the integrity of design. We strive to customize each client’s space for their unique style and vision. But what really makes us excited is when our tastes align. Take a look at our portfolio to understand the aesthetic choices of both our firm and our existing clients. The best architects near you understand that complementary tastes are a key factor in the success of the project!

Get the best architects near you for your project!

Ultimately, the best architects near you are ones that are ready, willing, and excited to build a trusting relationship with you. At Hoke Ley Architecture & Design, that’s our favorite part of the job, and the core foundation of all of our projects. We are in the business of making you a priority. 

We know what makes us the best architects in the long term. We’re hoping you feel the same. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss how we can help guide your project from start to finish. We can’t wait to see what we’ll be working on next!

The Hoke Ley headquarters are located in Lawrence, Kansas, with additional offices in Kansas City and Manhattan. We are more than versed in remote work across the country, and can perform almost virtually all of our consultative meetings via zoom! 

Whether you’re located in the Kansas City area, the West coast, or overseas, we would be happy to work with you and accommodate the distance. 

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