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At Hoke Ley, we understand that the practice of Architecture is a service foremost: the process of guiding a client and project from concept through construction.

Committed to this service approach, Hoke Ley promotes open collaboration with clients, consultants and contractors to shape concepts into reality.

We facilitate clear lines of communication to guide the owner through the process, ensuring the owner’s vision is realized to its fullest potential. Together, we develop creative solutions for the built environment that have a profound and lasting impact.

Our work includes affordable, market-rate and high-end custom single family residences, residential remodels, retail and commercial spaces, multifamily residences, mixed-use developments and equestrian facilities in Kansas City and across the country.

Architecture Services


Master Planning
Feasibility Studies
Land-Use Planning
Building Design
Landscape Design
Speculative Design
Equestrian Architecture

Interior Architecture

Interior Space Planning
Material selections
Workplace Design
Furniture Design and Selection
Lighting Design

Architecture Consultation

A consultation is ideal for the initial discovery stages of projects, such as home remodels and additions, commercial feasibility, restaurant layout, and office space design.

Project feasibility consultations offered at a flat fee rate

Preliminary meeting with clients to identify and understand the constraints and opportunities of a potential project

Graphic Design

Environmental Graphics

Logo Design
Typography & Color Selection
Brand Standards
Brand Collateral
Print & Digital Design


Interior & Exterior Signage
Custom Wall Graphics
3D Graphics
3D Logo Applications

Graphics Consultation

Work with us to compile a graphic strategy to engage your target audience. You’ll walk away with an inspiration board and research that you can apply to your business.

Graphic strategy consultations offered at a flat fee rate

Preliminary meeting with clients to identify and understand the constraints and opportunities of a potential project



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Several years ago Jared worked for the architect who designed our house.  Jared was an integral and invaluable part of the design "team" and, ultimately, indispensable during the construction phase.

The design and construction process can be stressful, but clients of Jared's will find him to be a good-natured guide with a sense of humor.  He is thoughtful and conscientious but, more importantly, responds well to problems (and disasters) in an even-tempered manner... all essential in the design/construction process.  He was unfailingly gracious when we needed to make significant changes to the plan that we felt were necessary.

Jared went out of his way to research options for us for everything from fireplaces and plumbing fixtures to windows and siding.  He accompanied us to two window manufacturers' showrooms to help with questions and get us started.  Later, he had suggestions on brands and styles of plumbing fixtures, as well as advice on what to consider when selecting a daunting array of other essential products for our house.

In short, it would have been an indescribably difficult process without Jared on our team.

Bob and Ann Stier

Clients, Urban Hillside Residence

Katie and the team at Hoke Ley are fantastic.

We hired (Hoke Ley) to help with interior design decisions related to renovating a kitchen, bathroom, and adding new furniture and light fixtures throughout the home. We both brought our ideas to the table and ended up with solid final decisions that incorporated some of my ideas and some of theirs. (Katie) was able to point out important pieces that I would have never thought of on my own. I'd highly recommend working with Hoke Ley.

Kim Nicholson

Client, West Seattle Home

I have had the great fortune to work the Hoke-Ley Architects for the last 8 years on a variety of projects.

I have had the great fortune to work the Hoke-Ley Architects for the last 8 years on a variety of projects. Everything from outdoor kitchens to complete estate remodels and remote spec development projects. Aside from their natural talent at their craft (both interior design and architecture), they are professional, creative, thoughtful, engaging, and responsive. We often work remotely from each other (and the project), but you would never know it, they work with me like my office is right down the hall. Their sense of integrity and trust is rare in this industry which makes it all the more pleasurable to collaborate with Katie, Jared, Roy and staff.

Laura Kleppe

Owner, Gardenworkz Designs

There was no arrogance or talking over me like I've experienced with other designers - just pro-active, digestible guidance that resulted in our dream house.

I'm a numbers person that appreciates quality design but struggles to articulate what's in my head. That's why I could not be more happy with Hoke Ley - not only did they respect our budget (i.e., the numbers side of my brain) but they were able to take our thoughts and convert them into reality.

Dan Nicholson

Client, Nth Degree CPAs

Architect in Kansas City
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